Sunday, September 11, 2011

Your screw up is my gain

So last week, I posted about spending $16 and walking away with a $5 off coupon on diapers. I was hoping that Stop and Shop was still doing this deal as I received more coupons to use. I called ahead and spoke to someone from that department. He came back and told me that they were, so ahead I go. When I got there I found it was Huggies this week and not Pampers. I was pissed to say the least... Luckily for me there was ONE sign still up. I put my items in the cart, took a pic on my phone of the sign and headed to check out. After speaking to a manager and explaining that they have to honor an incorrect sign, I was able to get over $25 worth of product for $4 and walked away with another coupon for $5 off pampers. IF A STORE HAS INCORRECT SIGNAGE, THEY MUST HONOR THE SIGN!!!! Occasionally, you will walk into a store and see as you walk in that a price may have been wrong in the ad and they will not honor it. By putting up that notice, they are covering themselves and dont have to honor that.  Breakdown of how I made out so well....

Pampers $10.99 but old sign stated $9.99
Kandoo wipes X 6 $2.49 on sale for $1.99
If you add the original total would be $25.93 covering my have to purchase $25

After coupons my total became....

Pampers $9.99 less $1.50 off coupon $8.49
Kandoo wipes X 6 less .50 off coupon that doubles $5.94

Total then comes to $14.43

Manager adjusted total to take off $5 which last week printed as a coupon, I also had the $5 off coupon from last week, making total $4.43!!!!!!

The bonus was the catalina machine actually printed off another $5 off pampers coupon!!!! The manager gave to me and said just go.... I think she may have been aggravated in the employee that didn't take down the sign.....


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