Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So what is a focus group?

So what is all this talk about focus groups.... what is it? How do you find them? How do you actually make money??? Well my super savers, Scarlett is here to answer all those questions and to provide you with a list of databases that I have personally made money from.

Focus Group.  Defintion-
A small group selected from a wider population and sampled, as by open discussion, for its members' opinions about or emotional response to a particular subject or area, used especially in market research or political analysis.
yup yup blah blah blah, to me it's a hour or two of meeting some new peeps, talking about potential new products and providing your honest opinions, and best of all getting paid to talk :)

The list that I will be providing, YES I have actually done groups with all of these, so I personally know that are legit.

I honestly can't remember how I first got into these, but after going to one, meeting new peeps, getting referals to others, word of mouth, and online invites, I have made this list.

Each company is different. They ask you to put yourself into their database with some basic information. From there, they will usually email, but I have gotten phone calls as well to ask you more questions. Usually any given group will be looking for a certain demographic. For example, Looking for Women ages 18-30, Parent of a child 5 yo, and have an income of over 50,000. If you fit the demographic, you will be asked more questions to see if you actually qualify for the specific study. It may sound complicated by super easy.

The list I will be giving is what I consider worth the drive. I usually go to Braintree, Dedham, Canton and Boston. If the pay is good, it's usually worth the drive.
 Note: Thus far the groups that I have done in Boston will validate your parking.

Now the only courtesy that I ask, Is that once you start getting emails or phone calls, you let me know and forward me any studies that I may eligible for as well :)


Monday, April 25, 2011

Focus Groups

Hello my super savers!!! Within the next few days I will be posting a list of all the focus group databases I am on. Tomorrow I am making $100 for an hour and half of "work". With this list you will be able to receive emails and phone calls and make money too.

My Super Savings for 4/25

So instead of waiting until the end of the week and missing on quite a few deals, I did my shopping today. I went to CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and Target. All items shown total over $85, but do you honestly think me, Scarlett would pay that? I think not. I paid under $35!!!!! Highlight of this trip was I got paid $1 to buy the 2 veets, so free veet and a dollar!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Super Savings from 4/22

So I put all of this crazy planning into action, and I think I may have a knack for this.... Below is a picture of what I bought on Friday. I went to CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and Walmart. The 2 highlights of this trip were I actually had a receipt for .08, yes that was EIGHT CENTS!!!!!! The other great part was I bought 2 bags of M&Ms for $1.00 instead of $7.00. The total of all the products in the picture was over $80, I bought ALL of this legitamately with coupons for about $28!!!! With just a little planning, you too can become a super saver!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My binder

Ok after countless hours, I have figured out how to organize my binder. I have put printed labels inside the edge of plastic sheet covers. It is alphabetical and by month. I will keep up to 4 months for each letter. First for example A-April, A-May, A-June, A-July. If I had a coupon for Aveeno and it expires in April, well then it would be placed in the A-April. As April comes and goes, that page will be taken out of the binder and put into a different binder, and replacing it with the A-August page, thus ensuring that I would only have 4 months for each letter. I am going to mainly focus on CVS, Walgreens and Rite-aid ads for now.

This is a label, I put it on the inside of the protector as it will be handled often.
This is one of my pages, I have four of these for each letter

Each week, I will go thru the ads, see what store coupons I could matchup with my manufacturers coupons and which products I will get rewards for, Register Rewards, Extra Care Bucks, Etc. I will check on my new fav site, to see if there are any exceptionally good deals at Target, Walmart and Stop and Shop, and pull those coupons. While making my normal grocery list for the week, I will see if there are any coupons for the products I currently use. I will start with obviously the current month only. When I am doing my last 2 weeks of grocery shopping, I will look at my coupons that are in danger of expiring and see if I would actually use any of those products.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Newspapers with coupons

So today I bought 4 newspapers, i quickly glanced thru them to see if they had ads or coupons inside. I compiled a list of what was useful and figured out which newspaper is the best value to buy each week. Keep in mind this is for the south coast area in Massachusetts. After looking thru them all, I have come to the conclusion that buying The Boston Globe is my best bet, even if the paper costs $3.50

Sunday Taunton Gazzette

Bobs         Best Buy        Famous Footwear
Dicks        Walgreens       Aldi
Staples      Old Navy        Michaels
Big Lots    CVS               Rite Aid
Target       JcPenney         Kohls

No coupons

Sunday Stardard Times

Sears        Old Navy    Ac Moore
CVS         Michaels     Rite Aid
JcPenney   Bennys       Best Buy

Smart Source (1)

Boston Herald

No Ads (I was kinda surprised at this)

Smart Source (2) both different

Boston Globe

Old Navy      JcPenney                Toys R Us
Bobs            Famous Footwear    Michaels
Dicks            Walgreens               CVS
Rite Aid        Best Buy                 Sears

Smart Source (2) both different
Red Plum (2) both different

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Coupon Binder

This is my coupon binder, it zips, has lots of pockets, pics of inside to follow once i figure out how I want it organized.

Tomorrow is the first day :)

I have started to collect coupons from various places. Newspaper, Magazines, Friends, etc. Tomorrow will be the first time, I will actually look at the store ads and figure out where to use my coupons for the best "save". Also checking out store coupons to try to stack them for even more savings. As I get better at this, I will post my super savings trips.


I am composing a list of companies that I have and will be emailing to ask for coupons and free samples. These lists will be updated as I get new info. There will be 3 lists.

1. Companies contacted.
2. Companies that have sent me a reply and their reply.
3. What I received and from who.