Friday, September 2, 2011

Start of September was AWESOME

So today was AWESOME!!! First I had a focus group in which I literally sat there for half and hour and got paid $75. My son and friend each got a $25 gift card and HUGE bag of brand new toys... so seriously, check out my links on focus groups and get your butt on those data bases.

I also just got home from Stop and Shop, I spent $173 instead of $303, I saved a total of $130!!!!! Super Savings, but ALSO received 500 EXTRA gas points, a free gallon of milk, and extra $7 off order immediately, and $5 off pampers.

The diaper thing was a shocker. I went in to buy diapers and a pack of wipes in order to get the items needed for extra gas points. I had coupons for kandoo wipes, which are made by pampers. There was a sign that said if you spent $25 in pampers product, you would receive $5 off for next time. I ended up getting it, this is how it broke down.

Pampers Jumbo pack    10.99 on sale for 9.99 less 1.50 coup = 8.49
Pampers Wipe refill pack 7.39 on sale for 5.99 less .50 coup which doubles = 4.99
Kandoo wipes 2.49 on sale for 1.99 x 3=  5.97 less .50 coup which doubles and had three =2.97

So without coupons and before stop and shop card total would have been $25.85
but after coupons and savings, I paid $16.45. I was eligible for the $5 off next order because of original total reaching the $25 mark. Right now jumbo pack is $9.99 and I have a coupon for $1.50 that can be combined with the $5.00 off making the diapers only $3.49!!!!! That my Super Savers is an AWESOME day!!!!


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  1. Woo hoo! She's back with a vengence!!! WTG Scarlett!